About Padel

We are the first padel club in the kingdom of Bahrain


Padel is a mixture between Tennis and Squash

Always played as a Doubles sport

The surrounding walls are an integral part of the game

1/3rd the size of a tennis court which makes it easy to install


It is extremely enjoyable to play and entertaining to watch. Better utilization of space than other racket sports .

Padel appeals to a wide population.

The smaller court makes it a more social game. Is very popular within all spectrums; from a recreational user to a professional.

Rallies last around 60-70% longer than tennis due to the use of surrounding walls.

The serve is not an offensive weapon because it is delivered underhand.

The short racket is much easier to control than the longer stringed tennis rackets.

It has gained rapid acceptance due to its simplicity and similarities to other popular racket sports.

Padel area at supersayan 2021

Players: doubles use 10 by 20 metres (32 ft 10 in by 65 ft 7 in).

Serves: Both 1st and 2nd serves must be underhand.

Score: Scoring method is the same as in tennis.

Ball: Very similar to tennis balls. Tennis balls are sometimes used.

Padel Bat: Solid with no strings. May be perforated.

Walls: Walls are used as part of the game.


Suitable for all ages

Improves agility & fitness

Improves the bond between players

Socially enjoyable

Very exciting & highly addictive


1960 :Invented by Enrique Corcuera in Mexico

1974 :Introduced in Spain by Alfonso Hohenlole and gained immense popularity

1975 :Expanded to Argentina and South America

1991 :Establisment of International Padel Federation

2013 :Inaugration of World Padel Tour

Present :Spreading across the US most European and Asian Countries